Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Write a resume promo blurb

Knowledgeable of web 2.0/social media programs and how to synthesize them into meaningful learning experiences that guides learners into meeting the goals. Proficient using web 2.0/social media to create an interactive learning environment that allow adult learners the flexibility to take control over their learning experience. Effectively and efficiently applied web 2.0/social media to different learning theories to create instruction based upon the needs of a variety of learners. Able to demonstrate the use and learning benefits of web 2.0/social media to learners with varies degrees of internet/ technology experience.  

Monday, May 6, 2013

Fun Group Project

I selected both of these video because they were produced by college students and they were inexpensive to create. They are funny and timely. Our class could easily use them as examples and with a little created writing produce an equally funny video. These videos are funny yet convey serious social and political messages about current issues, gun control and the increasing gap between the rich and poor. Using humor as a means of instruction might be effective. Learners are entertained while they learn.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Geotag photos

Rarely does any one person capture the full picture. Geotag and Photosynth offer methods to fill in the blanks. As an educational tools, learners will have the opportunity to example historical scenes, works of art, and scientific models, etch from all angles. Also, One of the problems with taking photos is that learners can get so wrapped up in trying to capture the moment that that they miss the significance of the event. As Photosynth software become popular, learners can take fewer photos and concentrate on the events, knowing others in the crowd are clicking away. EXIF data is probably useful for Photoshop experts, and collecting GPS data is also probably a useful and a desired feature. However, users should be able to easily turn off EXIF data that they deem violates their rights to privacy.     

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tie the Worlds Together

I saw Facebook posts about groups meeting at St Andrew's Catholic Church to make bag lunches for the homeless. This was nearby in Apex so I thought that this would be a great way to complete this assignment, do a good deed and have a reason to get up on Saturday morning.  After replying to a few posts and instant massaging to get more details, I decided to give it a try. I told my wife about going to church and she thought I was dying since I have not mentioned church since I was married in one 23 years ago. Although still  agnostic, I found this to be a great experience and plan to regularly participate in this program.

Individual Project

Most local law enforcement officers and educators did not need the recent N.C. Governor’s Crime Commission to point out that there is an increase in gang activity in our schools. I have worked in federal; local law enforcement as well as a teacher in a title one school. I have interviewed hundreds of at risk students, gang members and other criminal offenders. I have come to the conclusion that the solution to crime cannot be found in court rooms, jails or prisons. Judges, police officers and prison officials has less impact on crime than parents, principals, guidance counselors and teachers. If society is to be made safer, it will be the hands of dedicated educators and engaged parents redirecting students toward a brighter future. My project would be to create a blog where parents, educators and law enforcement official could brainstorm and share information and ideas to reduce gang membership. Members would join where they would brainstorm new ideas. They would be encouraged to blog and  post their ideas on other social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Ultimately, members would be encouraged to form community groups in the real world to address the problems of gangs in their neighborhoods.  

What license would YOU use

My great thing would be a video tutorial of how to determine and locate sex offenders in your community.  I would provide it as a purchased download, with the restriction that it could not be copies, distributed, sold or leased.  I would have a statement in which the purchaser had to hit “agreed’ to obtain the download.  The statement would include an agreed penalty (dollars) that the purchaser would be liable for if the restrictions were violated.  I would license the tutorial as a business venture and would expect a large market of parents.  If a particular geographical area was in the midst of high pedophile activity, I would unrestrict the license and allow community distribution.
There is an abundance of “cool” clips and information on the media site Youtube that have no restrictions. There are some clips on YouTube that have restrictions as the site allows a content holder to restrict viewers by various means (by state, country, domain etc.).   Alternatively, there are many clips on YouTube that are set for renting and are accompanied by user restrictions.  These providers are seeking economic gain and rightfully so.   Of the clips in which the providers set as unrestricted, one of my favorites is “dog eating peanut butter.”.   The provider likely shared this document for pure entertainment purposes or in hopes of making the “most watched” list or even more so, making one of the network morning shows as did my favorite above.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Attempt to Embed your content in other locations

This was not difficult to complete.   It is easy to embed Html code into a Google blog. The HTML code was readily available in Soundcloud and Flickr. YouTube is a part of Google so embedding it in a Google blog was only a click.